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Appreciate Thank for Thinking Positive on my Profiles.   I hope the Greatest Markets, also in Market World.  Money is not target of soul. However..Money will bring better to my people who royal on my resposibilities.  I create Sentimental Slides posting on Tagged to explore name of my Brand-Logo and  WebSite. I Wish People be enjoy, happy and get power for each souls. NoOne could not see my deep heart sorrow and sadness cause of many Goverments Headers, Official Staffs are Coruptions. They cheat Annual Government Statement of Expenditure. Money Budget Estimate are from Employees' TAX (and many from me more 20 years as employee, too). I tell the Truth, It has many Marfia OTOPs in every provinces. They're not sincere to help poor citizen and they try to band my brand and products since I become the business woman on year 2006. I spend my Last Large Poket Money to design-create products and to employ HandyMakers. I fight for my poor people teams, and earning for my family's members.  All I do the Right Jobs on the Right Ways.  I'm not perfect but I'm not a bad.  I've never ask for and never beg for.  I'm not a begger and I've never sales mySelf, my Soul, my Heart.  All I wanna sale and service are beautiful value of products Arts handyCrafts. Appreciate Thank for understand how I do erotic-slides-pictures and post.  And Many Thanks for stand by my side.  It's not easy for me to a-step-by-step pass through very hard trouble storm.  NoOne could not know my deep heart and I no need to talk about unHappy Tales Stories.  Since I had resigned from company on early 2006, to follow my dream to create and do the Arts, to join Arts Teams and to develope and apply secret-herbs for market, Thai Folk-Tradition Old Acahic Silk Batik Drawing and Painting.  I've forced many very bad Goverments Headers and government Official Staffs.  Whenever I be interviewed, I use this oppportunities to notice the population.  Thailand has the Greatest Intelligence King 9th and the Best Princess SirinThorn. I guess his and her majesty will hear and understand whatever I try to help many poor people.  I'm not so young.  And now I'm not a richer.  I've nothing to lost.  I've only my tiny boiled chicken legs and my skillities knowledge how to take photos and actings in front of crashed mirror.



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